The best looking romance anime? Nisekoi review

The best way I can describe Nisekoi is as follows. Imagine you have your classic, by the books men’s dress shoe. There’s nothing different or new about the shoe. It has the same shape and it only comes in classic piano black but when you put it on your feet it is the most comfortable shoe you’ve ever put on. Long story short Nisekoi is your standard classic haram however it has great visual flair, great direction, and enjoyable characters. If you don’t like haram anime then this probably not for you, however if the shoe fits, you wear that sucker.

Screenshot (353)
Ichijo and Chioge

Right off the back you can see that Nisekoi is beautiful and a joy to watch. It’s not just bright and colorful and it’s detailed and the characters look awesome. The thing that I love the most about Nisekoi’s visuals is how the animation changes so we can see how the characters are feeling. I can say that Nisekoi one of most visually appealing shows I have ever seen.

Screenshot (458)
great shot

In the shot above you can see how isolated and small Chitoge being alone in the dark woods without a flashlight.

Screenshot (456)

Another shot from the same scene showing how all of her fears are surrounding Chitoge.

Now being a haram you tend to see some of the trends that are common in Nisekoi. You have a beautiful girl fall into the life of a normal male protagonist, (in this case a landing a flying knee to the face.) You have the child-hood friend and love interest and you also have the male best friend that’s also a bit of a pervert. They managed to fit in beach, swimming pool, and hot spring episodes all in one 20-episode season. But this isn’t a big deal to me, what is a problem is the lack of romantic development that the characters have. Whenever I feel like Ichijo has a touching moment with one of the girls they always seem to go back to square one, and all that progress is lost. What’s even worse is that the second season is just a compilation of off shoot stories from the novels that don’t further the plot at all either. Screenshot (476)

The music of Nisekoi is nice, its relaxing and does well to accompany what’s happening on screen.

When it’s all said, and done Nisekoi is a great harem. Don’t expect anything revolutionize the genre or touch your heart in a deep way. However, if you like the occasional haram anime then you will love Nisekoi. It looks awesome, it’s directed well, has fun characters and is just a fun show.

Nisekoi is a 2014 anime created by studio Shaft based off the manga of the same name written by Naoshi Komi. Nisekoi is licensed in north America by Aniplex. All images used in this review are from the Nisekoi anime.

Screenshot (309)
let us never forget anime harambe my current wallpaper on my cpu

The Irregular at Magic High School Review

The Irregular at Magic Migh school is a 2014 anime produced by studio Madhouse and Licensed by Aniplex and is based off the manga of the same name created by Tsutomu Satō.

Screenshot (363)
Enter a caption

In a previous post, I claimed that Dark Cat was the worst anime that I’ve ever seen, that’s still the case, however I’ve managed to finish the movie 5 times. What I’m trying to say is that although Dark Cat is terrible, it is still watchable (barley) if I can say one good thing about Dark Cat, it is that it isn’t boring. The worst thing a piece of media can be is boring. If a piece of media is boring there is no reason to watch it, we don’t care about the characters, the story is ignored or forgotten about and you are just left thinking “why did I even watch this.” There are few anime that I’ve started watching but were so boring that I couldn’t finish it. Irregular at Magic High School is that boring.Screenshot (362)

The main problem is how boring the protagonist is. He has no quirks, there’s nothing that makes him unique other than the fact that he’s over powered and all knowing. When I was describing this show to one of my friends he asked, “wait is that the show where the main dude is essentially Jesus” and I replied, “yeah pretty much” this dude doesn’t get a single scratch on him, he’s all-knowing able to predict every spell or any enemy movement. He was able to develop “flying magic, which other magicians struggled for decades to do, in a single night. He was a well-known magic weapons developer even before high school. The protagonist, Tatsuya Shiba has a serious superman complex where he is so unbeatable it is hard for the fans to identify with the character or have any doubt that he will succeeded or not Thus taking away any reason for us to care about him.

Screenshot (356)
Our bland hero

At first the premise of “The Irregular at Magic High school” seems interesting, In the far future global cooling has created a scarcity of food and other resources which lead to a third world war. Instead of Nuking the planet to smithereens, world leaders felt that magicians aided by technology would be the best weapons on the battlefield. The entire world is in a race to develop these powerful magicians leading to the creations of magic high schools. There’s a pretty good plotline when there is in school discrimination of “course 2 students” these course 2 students are those who are unable to wield powerful magic and are looked down upon by the course 1 students and called “weeds”. This aspect keeps the show interesting for a little while. The second ark was a tournament ark between multiple magic high schools which further showed how over powered Tatsuya Shiba is and shortly after this ark I completely lost interest and the will to continue watching the show.

Visually the show looks pretty good but plain, everything is so clean and bright. The world in “The Irregular at Magic High School” looks like a utopia in a semi futuristic way. The character models are good they rarely go off model and nothing interesting is done with the animation.

Screenshot (369)
The shadow effect I was talking about

The music was pretty darn bad unless you like dubstep and electronic music but It just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I wanted to finish The Irregular at Magic High School, I really did but towards the 15th episode I noticed that I couldn’t care anymore about it. I thought that it would turning into an inspiring tale about overcomming ones limitations, however no one can relate to that tale when the protaganist has no limits. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t say that The Irrgular at Magic High School is a bad show however, It’s plain and boring, I can honestly say that I would rather watch Dark Cat 6 more times at least that anime has some character.

If you are interested you can watch The Irregular at Magic High School here.Screenshot (371)

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What makes Ghost in the Shell(1995) so cool

In honor of its live action movie premiere, I wanted to take a look back on the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie and talk about some of the things that makes it so cool. Note this is not a review, this is more of a list of things that I believe make the ghost in the shell appealing. Also, even though this movie is over 20 years old I’m still giving out a spoiler warning.Screenshot (398)

One of the best things about Ghost in the Shell is the great level of environmental detail in the movie. All the streets and building are distinct with dirt and grime setting the tone of movie. The details suggest that this is the future however it is not a utopia as one would imagine future to be. This detail is also seen in the background characters and character design. No two extras look the same. The character designs are also good with the main cast of section 9. Bato, the chief Daisuke Aramaki, Togusa, and major, all have memorable and recognizable designs that you know exactly who they are. These screenshots captured off my cheap laptop don’t give the movie justice to how great it looks and I would suggest that you watch it on a HD television.Screenshot (396)

The direction and shot composition is also amazing with great angles shots and ideas.Screenshot (406)In this scene the major and Bato are watching a man who has recently gotten his Ghost hacked and had memories implanted into him. This refection suggest that the Major sees herself in this man.

Screenshot (404)
In the famous water fight scene

In this scene the Major is using optical camo to fight a suspect. This wide shot suggests that she could be anywhere in the frame but we and the suspect cannot see her.Screenshot (432)

Ghost in the Shell is a hallmark franchise in the Si-Fi genre, with any good Si-Fi you need awesome technology. There’s nothing unique about cybernetic implants that boost human performance, (although this comes into play later in the main theme of the movie which I will talk about later) but the tank design, the optic camouflage, the guns, the cars all are awesome.

Screenshot (384)
The Major using optical camo

The voice acting is top notch, all of the members of section 9 and the laughing man are voiced perfectly. The music in ghost in the shell is awesome. The opening track is great, the steady booming drums and the vocal harmony set a rhythm that carries the momentum of the opening scene through the credits.Screenshot (401)

Major Motoko Kusanagi is an awesome protagonist that is confident and powerful. She’s one of the best and most well developed Anime protagonists. And it’s rare to see a woman kick so much butt in any medium especially in Anime.

Screenshot (377)
The Major

The theme of the movie is, what does it mean to be a human individual. Well in a future where you can have your body completely replaced with a cybernetic body and your brain aided by super-computers what does being human mean, the major suggest that is the information and memories that a person gains through their point of view and how they interpret that information that makes someone an individual that is all their own. The puppet master who is an AI suggest that he is a living being with his own thoughts and memories but does that make him human?Screenshot (410)

When you look at it, the Ghost in the Shell movie was awesome in 1995 and is still awesome today, the direction and voice acting along with the great animation still look great and the thematic elements will only grow more relevant as Science fiction becomes Science.

Screenshot (423)
How I felt when I was typing this post

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If you want to see some of The 2017 live action Ghost in the Shell theres a link HereScreenshot (388)


The horror of Dubs, Dark Cat review.

Dark cat is the worst movie I have ever seen. I would not recommend Dark Cat to any person. Yet personally, I’ve watched it 5 times myself, why would I do this knowing how bad it is. I couldn’t tell you. But Dark cat has become an inside joke between me and my friends and it’s a movie that I will never forget.

By itself, Dark Cat is a standard 1991 horror anime OVA (original video animation) created by E.G Films, Agent 21, and Nikkatsu Corporation. It was licensed in the US by Media Blasters.Screenshot (330)

The animation, like a lot of late 80’s early 90’s anime, is bad by todays standard. One thing I can complement dark cat on is the disgusting monsters in the movie, they’re not scary as much as they are unsettling to look at but i think they did a pretty good job grossing me out. The music is pretty good, there was one montage in the middle of the movie that had music I would listen too outside the movie.

Screenshot (337)
Dark Cat property of Media Blasters

The story of Dark Cat is all but impossible to understand the first time around. Not that the plot is all that clever but it’s hard to write a 50-minute narrative with 4 characters who have significant back-story. The first time I watched I didn’t know the motivations of certain characters were and I couldn’t understand why some events had any relation to other events. However, after watching it 5 times I feel that I have some idea of what is going on.

By most measures there’s nothing unique about dark cat and it should’ve been left in the dust of history. But what really stands out about Dark Cat, what really makes it special is the English dub. The English dub of Dark Cat is by far the worst things my ears have ever bore witness too. Not only is the voice acting criminally horrendous. But much of the sound effects and music during fight scenes have been taken out for unknown reasons. You never notice how important sound effects are to a fight scene until you watch one without any.

Screenshot (324)
Dark Cat, property of Media Blasters

The best thing about dark cat is how bad it is. It truly sets it apart from any cinematography that I have seen since. The story is laughable and tough to make sense of, the art is sup par by even 1991’s standards, and the dubbing disgusting to say the least. But because of all the faults dark cat has makes it charming to me. I still laugh at the terrible voice acting and the lack of sound effects. The line, “looks like he got wring around the collar” is still hilarious, and no matter how bad a movie or show was, I can always say “at least it’s better than Dark Cat.”